Professional football player 


Launched BeFit 360


Chosen as an Endeavor Entrepreneur 


Investment banking at EFG Hermes 


Nike Athlete & Brand ambassador


Invite to Nike headquarters 

Ever since I started my journey, new challenges always came my way, giving me a chance to always improve and step up the game. With every obstacle came a lesson that helped me set new targets, adapt to current situations, and bring more to the table.

To me, it was all about how I used what I had and not how much I had.

I started BeFit at a tennis court with just a few athletes and needless to say, it’s the top fitness entity in Egypt today.

A firm believer of finding alternative plans when current ones don’t go as planned, I’ve always had plan B and C.

I’ve dealt with my shoulder injury, overcame all the physical and emotional pain, and now I’m on the top 4,000 Crossfit Athletes worldwide. 


Settling is not in my dictionary, Giving up is not an option.

I work for what I want, If it wasn’t hard to get, it's not the best I can get.